Dr. Alvin Melasma Set Review: Does it help in removing dark pimple marks and spots?

After completing my 30-day testing of the Kojic Acid Facial Set, I decided to move on to a new product. And that is the Melasma Set. Still, a Professional Skin Care Formula Product by Dr. Alvin, the melasma set, as it name suggests, fights skin discoloration or melasma. As per the Professional Skin Care Formula staff that I have talked to, the melasma set is also useful in fighting the dark spots caused by healed but deep pimples.

Now for that last part, I write this blog post to see if it really does remove the pimple marks. I am a pimple-magnet myself and pimples and black spots have always been a problem for me. The last time I ever had my face flawless of any of these blemishes was when I used the rejuvenating set two years ago!

Let me give you a snapshot of what the “product is”.

Melatone: the clear facial toner is not strong but has a little citrus smell in it. I am not sure if it’s because I was not too exposed to dirt at the first day I used it, but the cotton does not show dirt from my face.

Melanite cream- just like the other creams from Dr. Alvin’s products, the melanite cream is white and comes in a tube container.

Melawash- This one is my favorite. A pea-sized drop is enough to wash your entire face. It smells good (although some may argue that it smells like liquid dish washing soap). Don’t panic if you found the liquid brownish in color, that’s normal.

Kojic soap- you know, the usual. Hee!

Let me just give you a heads-up though: I did not use the product recently. This review has been in my draft bin for a long time and I hesitate to post it due to limited proof pictures. 

So, browse down and see how the melasma set from Dr. Alvin fared with my skin.. 🙂

Day 1 (12-26-2016). At the time that I used the melasma set, I just finished my monthly cycle. I intend to use it at the end of my period to somehow normalize my hormones and “eradicate” major factors that may affect pimple production. Which gives me the face on the left.

I chose to use the Melawash over the kojic acid soap. I so love the facial wash because it smelled good and made my skin soft after washing. After the all droplets of water and moist dried up, my skin felt a bit tight, but not as tight when I used the rejuvenating toner. I have open and fresh pimples on my face (check the right upper picture) so I am a bit careful on irritating and make these worse. Plus, the kit warns of applying any of the products to wounds.

 Day 2 (12-27-2016). The picture on the left was taken in the afternoon. I rarely use face powder, but this time I used oil blotter paper to lessen the oiliness of my face. My pimples have micro-peels early in the morning. That includes my pimple on the nose tip, that fortunately dried quickly instead of swelling big. Using the melawash and meladay gel causes oily skin, so make sure you have a facial tissue or oil blotter handy. Not excessively oily though, but enough to make your face, “shiny”.  I felt like I am using the rejuve set all over again, minus the super stinging feeling, but because of the oil and sweat on my face.

Day 3 (12-28-2016). I must say, the Melatone is the Rejuvenating Toner 2.0. Why? It’s like I am using the rejuvenating set all over again. The micro peeling was there, the redness and the sting, etc. My fresh pimples were affected so much that during the evening application, my face looked rougher compared to during the day. Photos were from morning and evening. The angles might confuse you a bit because I am using two cameras, an SLR and a flipped image from my phone.

Day 4 (12-29-2016). Well, this is kinda disappointing. The effect was similar to the rejuvenating set, but the result was not. I got a new pimple on the chin. my cheeks pimples were swollen red and peeling occurs on my philtrum area. A pimple at the tip of the nose is peeling too.

Unfortunately, I broke my mobile phone and was not able to back up my photos and files. So my review will end here. I hope the few pictures in this entry helped you see how the Melasma set took effect on my skin, though. 🙂

*Skin types of users of beauty products vary from one user to another. Please be cautious on using skin care products. Discontinue using if irritation of the skin occurs.

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