Dr. Alvin Kojic Acid Facial Set Review


I am back to give you updates on my journey back to smooth face using Dr. Alvin’s Kojic Acid Facial Set.

So what now? After a long day’s work, I am finally able to try the skincare set.

-As always, washing your face using the kojic soap will cause stringent feeling on the face. But compared to when I used the Rejuvenating set, this one is milder. It opened my swollen pimples though. Thus, after washing and drying my face with a towel, the opened pimples either bled or watered.

-Going to the second step. And that is the application of the Kojic Acid Toner. I am not going to beat around the bush. . . . it #^@*(&$&) hurts!!!! Again, the effect is milder than the rejuve, but still, I have to pause here and there so as not to worsen my open pimples.

– Step three. Apply the Kojic acid night cream. I thought applying the toner is already the worse until I spread the cream around my face. That burning feeling I felt when I used the Rejuve back then is once again there. but compared to the rejuve, the sting on this one only lasted for a couple of seconds to a minute.

Expect that after doing this beauty regimen every night, your face will be a bit oilier during the night. Blame the cream. Hehe. What I do is clean up as early as 9 pm so that my face will have time to absorb all that I applied and try my very best to not lie on the bed face down on the pillow. 

Day 2

-My fresh pimples are more open, which means they are so easily lacerated that they easily bleed and lymph fluid will come out (that water substance after pus).

-Did not feel any sting when applying the kojic acid toner and kojic acid cream.

-No visible peeling. Can’t even say that there IS skin peeling off.

-Were there any visible changes compared to the first day? Some pimples dried up and are now healed. They now became black marks when I tried to remove the scab of the pimple. I am nearing my monthly period though, and I saw two new zits when I woke up this morning.

Day 3

-The open pimples the night before dried up. My face feels rough because of the bumps and scabs though. 

-When I applied face powder, the micro peeling appeared. The skin peeling is very apparent around the pimples, especially the big ones.

-Has anything changed? Some pimples are now closed and “healed”, but dark pimple marks are still around.

Day 4 and 5

-bumps and dark marks are diminishing (yey!), but since I am using the kojic facial set amidst a monthly menstruation period, some new pimples appear on my face. They go away a day after when I wash at night.

Day 6

Ahh, I should not have washed using a different soap in the sixth night! Four new pimples appeared around my face and they are too large to go unnoticed. I think it will always be better if you use the whole set with no add-ons or replacements. It seems like these kinds of skin care set only always works with their coupled toners, soaps and creams.

I am aiming for a 7-day result, but because of one mistake, I think it would take a bit longer. 

Day 7

*My period might also have been the cause of these new spots. I am not sure, but it’s possible.

Day 8, 9 and 10

I got you images from my Day 8 of use to see my progress. Timestamps are present to prove I monitor the change daily. Check it out:

I will leave it here. From 12/01 picture, as you can see I still have dark pimple marks, I bet pimples will still appear here and there due to my menstruation. But I’ll see how long it will take for the Kojic Acid Facial Set to “completely cleanse off” my whole face of these blemishes.

EDIT 12/16/2016

It’s been 25 days since I started using it, but the blemishes are still on the face. Except for the right cheek, which appears to have lightened the dark spots, the chin and left cheek still suffers from the dark spots. Pimples appear every now and then, but they are not as big nor as swollen as before.

I am almost done with the Kojic toner, but the set has not fully cleansed my face. meeeeh.

 EDIT: 12/22/2016

Day 30! This is the last day that I will use the Kojic Acid Facial Set. The last drop of the toner is enough for this day. Hehe. I still got a huge bar of Kojic soap and a little amount of the kojic cream. But I decided to give my use of this product a verdict now.

VERDICT: I’d give it an 8/10. It helped dry my existing pimples. The pimples eventually heal but resulted to dark pimple spots. The goal is to remove those spots, however, I did not see all of it completely rid on my face (the right cheek lighten a bit but not completely). I aim to apply this facial regimen at the exact same time every night, but for a few days that I missed the schedule, I notice that new pimples will start to appear.

I will test and try a new Dr. Alvin’s product soon. Hope you watch out for that. 🙂

*Skin types of users of beauty products vary from one user to another. Please be cautious on using skin care products. Discontinue using if irritation of the skin occurs.

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