Don’t Throw Away Your Plastics; Donate it.

Plastic pollution poses a devastating problem to humans, animals, and the environment in general. For one, plastic waste makes up an immense portion of daily waste in residential and commercial establishments. These wastes are detrimental particularly to marine life (have you seen that Facebook post of how plastic waste threatens marine animals?).

I, for one, accumulate a lot of plastic from online shopping packages, food-and-drink delivery service, and grocery shopping I do whether it is on a daily or monthly basis.

Luckily, I came across a plastic collection post on Facebook where I can “donate” my stored plastic materials and have them put to good use. I can donate it to The Plaf.

The Plaf (or The Plastic Flamingo) is a French-led organization that aims to help defeat marine pollution by collecting post-consumption plastic wastes before these wastes reach garbage land mills, transforming these into materials used for building temporary shelters in remote areas and calamity-stricken places. 

Read more about The Plaf

After checking for information about their plastic collection FAQs, I decided to go for it and donate my plastic stuff stuck at home!

How to Prepare the Plastic Containers You will Donate

  • Know which plastic materials can be donated. The Plaf has a list of acceptable plastics that they collect. 

  • Check if there is a partner organization near your area that can be a drop-off point for your donation. The Plaf has partnered with a lot of organizations and the list is growing.

  • Check your stash. Organize all plastic materials you plan to donate. Make sure all plastics are clean and free from residue.

  • Pack it tightly and compactly when possible so as not to acquire so much space at the drop off location.

  • Bring it to The Plaf’s main office or a co-partner plastic collector near you! (I dropped off mine at Decathlon Pasig/Tiendesitas)

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