Colgate Naturals Turmeric Gum Protect Toothpaste Review

I was able to try the three Colgate Naturals toothpaste variatns over the week and I’m now finished with the last variant.

The Colgate Naturals Turmeric Gum Protect toothpaste is probably my most favorite among the three Colgate Naturals variants.

I enjoyed the flavor and the tinge of mint in it. It has this fruit-candy-like taste while brushing with it.

Just like the Charcoal Clean and the Himalayan Salt variant, the Turmeric Gum Protect does give off that fresh and cooling effect to your mouth.

It is also one of the first Colgate products to be packed in recyclable tubes so plus points for protecting the teeth and the environment!

I did some readings about the benefits of turmeric to one’s oral health and it seems turmeric is a popular ingredient in many dental and oral products in the market as it is a great component to fight gum disease, pain, and inflammation.

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