BIR Annual Registration Renewal: The Must-Knows and How-Tos

If it’s your first time filing an annual Income Tax Return as a self-employed individual, you must know that prior to that, you must renew your registration to BIR. 

The renewal of BIR registration is scheduled every January of the following year, with the deadline being the last day of January. If you have your Certificate of Registration (CoR), the registration fee payment schedule is also indicated there. 

How much do I pay for the BIR annual registration renewal?

The registration fee is Php500. 

What do I need to complete my BIR annual registration renewal?

You have to have the following:

1. Php500 for the registration fee. (exclusive of the service charge if ever you use third-party payment providers.)

2. Accomplished BIR Form 0605

3. After paying the registration renewal fee, you must save a copy of the receipt/proof of payment. 

How do I pay for this?

I was advised by BIR that I can pay for the annual renewal fee through the following methods:

1. Through bank payment – One must accomplish three (3) copies of BIR Form 0605 and have it validated by the bank. One copy is for you, one is for the bank and the last one is to be submitted to the RDO. Check this list for the authorized BIR agent banks.

2. Through eBIR facilities – If the BIR software is compatible with your laptop, you can use this. (Only works in Windows PCs)

3. Through e-wallets – If you have Gcash or Paymaya, go to Bills Payment and look for BIR among the billers. Fill out the fields correctly and save your receipt. Accomplish a BIR Form 0605 as well. My RDO advised that I do not need to submit this to them, but I must keep a hard copy of both Form 0605 and the receipt as proof of transaction so that if ever I am subjected to tax mapping, I have documentation. 

The way to pay the registration renewal through e-wallets is almost the same as with how one pays for the initial registration. The only difference is the return period indicated and it does not include a Php30 doc stamp fee. Check this old post about how to pay the BIR Registration using Gcash or Paymaya. 

4. Through BIR-approved tax platforms (i.e. Taxumo, Juan Tax) – I am subscribed to JuanTax where I file my quarterly ITRs, and I just realized (after I already made the payment through Paymaya, pfft) that there is an option to do the BIR annual registration payment in the platform. The advantage of doing this in the same platform is that all my filing documentation is streamlined in one place, so I do not need to log in or scourge to my apps and files to search for my documents and receipts if ever I need them. 

5. Through RDO transaction – if you prefer to walk into your RDO and be assisted by a BIR officer. 

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