8 Romantic Places in the World to Propose

Every girl awaits that one moment that the love of their life will pop the question to marry them. And also they want this moment to become special. So why not go together to some amazing place to make a declaration of eternal love? Moreover, there are places on earth that are really very romantic. Here’s a list of great destinations where you can bring your other-half-to-be and say those four important words according to dating platform UAbrides.com.

1. Butterfly Valley, Turkey

The valley with such a romantic name is located on the west coast of Turkey. It is a nature reserve, and it received its name thanks to the colonies of tiger butterflies that live in this secluded place along with dozens of other variegated beauties. Butterflies are everywhere: on stones, trunks, and leaves of trees. The slightest sound or movement and they whirl in the air like autumn leaves. The spectacle is fascinating! So, this is one of the best places to propose.

2. The Yasawa Archipelago, Fiji

This paradise is chosen by newlyweds from all over the world because here they arrange the most romantic, most beautiful wedding ceremonies! The civilization almost didn’t affect these Islands. So, nothing and no one will interfere with your privacy. Stunning scenery, a peaceful atmosphere, and cozy bungalows at the edge of the azure ocean – well, any girl will be powerless to resist it.

3.  Nusa Lembongan Island, Bali

This tiny Balinese islet is famous for its secluded beaches with crystal clear water and snow-white sand, and also an amazing atmosphere and a leisurely rhythm of life. It seems that even the time here is too lazy to hurry! The most beautiful sunsets are on the beaches of Dream Beach and Sunset Beach, which, by the way, have not yet managed to catch crowds of tourists. Isn’t it one of most romantic places to propose?

4.  Glowing Beach, Maldives

Perhaps this is really one of the most romantic places to propose. No girl remains indifferent being alone with her lover on the night beach that is lit by a mysterious bluish flicker of the surf. It seems that the starry sky appears under your feet! The best time to visit the beach is from July to February, especially during the new moon, when the moonless sky shades glowing waves.

5. Girdino delle rose (Garden of Roses), Florence

You will not even find the better place to make a proposal to your girlfriend! The Florentine garden of roses is a piece of paradise on earth. Dozens of varieties of roses, irises, and peonies fill the garden terrace with fragrance, and secluded corners with fountains and decorative ponds beckon with a cool shadow!

6. Village of Asos, Greece

This resort village nestled on the west coast of the island of Kefalonia. White houses with tiled roofs, drowning in the greenery of pine trees and cypresses, wooded mountains, winding streets with cozy cafes and taverns make Asos an oasis of appeasement. And the local beach of Myrtos is considered one of the best and most beautiful in Greece!

7.  Lago Como (Lake Como), Italy

Italy is probably one of the most beautiful places to propose. Venice, Florence, Verona – there is an atmosphere of romance everywhere! But you will surely make the most memorable proposal on the shores of Lake Como, which is near Milan. Picturesque villages and cities, surrounded by mountains, tinted roofs among emerald greenery – it is impossible to say “No”!  

8.  Japanese Tea Garden, San Francisco, USA

Perhaps few can name the States the most romantic place to propose. But here, in San Francisco, for example, there is a place where you should definitely go with your significant other. Japanese tea garden, which is in Golden Gate Park, is a truly magical place to make a proposal and say “I love you”! Shady alleys and winding paths, flowering trees and mirror ponds with openwork bridges – the feeling is as if you are in a fairy tale.

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