5 Reasons Chia Seeds Are Good For You

Chia seeds. Ever heard of it? If you haven’t, you are not alone. I only became aware of chia seeds and their use just recently when a colleague of mine encouraged me to try it out as it is a healthy inclusion to meals and aids in several health-related problems.

I read about chia seeds and found out that these tiny seeds are rich in nutrients namely fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, protein. I have finished my first week of incorporating chia seeds to my meal, particularly to my drink (most of the time, only with water) and have observed some of its immediate effects that (so far) I can consider great reasons to continue consuming it.

Photo courtesy of Aya Matias

1. It helps curb one’s appetite. 

My usual diet is the typical three meals a day. But add to that, I most of the time have in-between snacks. Mind you, my snacks are usually as much as my regular full meal, thus, it may seem that I am having more than three meals a day.

However, when I started mixing a teaspoon of chia seeds to my water and drink it to start my day, I have observed that I do not feel too hungry or craving for food. Chia seeds are rich in fiber as I have read, and these fibers make one feel full despite not eating that much. I managed to have three meals a day in the last seven days without any other cravings to satisfy my tummy.

2. It helps regulate bowel movement.

With the kind of food I eat before I started consuming chia seeds, I can’t even say that I have a regular (read: daily) trips to the toilet for stool release. However, upon drinking water with chia seeds and doing this for almost the whole week kind of changed my bowel movement. It did bring me to trips to the toilet frequently in the first few days, but it normalized my bowel movement that right now I hardly have a hard time letting p*** pass.

3. Less food intake, fiber over refined carbs.

I don’t usually keep myself in check when it comes to what I eat and my staple foods every day are rice, bread, pasta, burgers and fries, oily food and anything of that sort. Very unhealthy, isn’t it? These foods are notorious sources of refined carbohydrates which is unhealthy and will put one at risk of diabetes and heart diseases. Consuming chia seeds limits my appetite as I feel full most of the day due to its fiber content. I consume lesser food, thus limiting my craving for junk snacks and the like that contributed to unhealthy carbs.

4. Chia seeds help one’s body to be healthy — in and out.

Marketers and sellers of chia seeds claim that consuming chia seeds help one to have a strong immune system, achieve normal blood sugar levels, and promote healthy bones among many other health-related benefits. This may be true, as chia is considered a superfood because it is packed with nutrients.

5. Chia seeds help in weight control/weight loss.

While I have yet to attest to this statement as it has only been a week since I started drinking my chia, chia seeds are regarded to aid losing weight despite the limited data supporting it. It is also marketed to benefit people who are obese or are diabetic.

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