5 Debit Cards That You Can Link to Your Paypal Account

Are you in need of a debit card that needs to be linked to Paypal? You may want to check out the list below for some of the debit cards available in the Philippines that are easy to acquire and are also easy to be linked to Paypal.

1. Savings debit card (Maintaining balance of Php 0.00 to Php 10,000)

If you have an existing savings account powered by Visa or MasterCard, then you are all good. However, for newbies who have yet to have their own savings account and bank record, getting a savings debit card may be quite difficult. First, you need to have a sufficient amount to deposit as a maintaining balance. Monthly maintaining balance for imposed by banks vary from Php100 to Php 10,000. I own two savings ATM cards: UCPB Visa Debit (maintaining balance is Php 2,000) and Eastwest Bank Visa Savings (maintaining balance is Php 100)

The most popular (and I think the first ever) debit card that can be linked to Paypal is UnionBank’s EON card. As per their website, you don’t need an initial deposit to be able to open an account for this debit card. And there’s no maintaining balance, too!

2. Paymaya Card (Php 150)

Smart’s answer to Globe’s GCash card, Paymaya is a Visa-enabled prepaid card that can be loaded up through various means without a hassle.

3. Gcash Card (Php 150 – Php 210)

 Globe’s answer to the need of a card for cashless transactions, Gcash card is powered by MasterCard and has two variants: non-beep and beep version where you can use as a loaded magnetic card for LRT and MRT transportation.

4. Yazz Card (Php 300)

Yazz is Metrobank’s version of prepaid card for those who would like to experience the cashless shopping experience. Yazz is Visa-enabled.

5. BPI My ePrepaid (Php 350)

Applying for BPI’s My ePrepaid card is my first-ever introduction to cashless transactions without having to own a bank savings card or a credit card. Basically I first had my only-PIN and signature-required transactions at the mall, grocery and restaurants. I have not tried connecting it to my Paypal though, but I wrote about the card’s features some time ago. I listed the BPI My ePrepaid card last simply because among all the cards I mentioned here, this one has the most downside, which is you cannot withdraw the money that gets in the account. :/

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