5 Best Audiobook Apps For People On The Go

Does picking up a book to read not your thing? How about plugging in your earphones and having someone read a book for you? That’s what audiobooks offer. Audiobooks are a great alternative to e-books and even physical books for those who do not have the luxury to sit for a long time to finish a good read. 

I am crazy about audiobooks and podcasts just as I enjoy streaming Netflix and Youtube. But audiobooks allow you to enjoy something while your hands and eyes are busy with other tasks, such as cooking, working out, going grocery shopping and the list goes on. We got so much on our plates that we can’t even enjoy a moment like reading a book (or is it just me?)! Multi-tasking is bad, I know, but I think you get what I am saying.

With audiobooks, you can do other things that fill up your schedule all while enjoying a good listen of narrated books from any genre. 

With almost anything and everything accessible through a mobile device now, audiobook listening is something that one can enjoy wherever one goes. Thanks to audiobook apps available for download, one can play whatever book whenever or wherever one is. 

Let me share with you six audiobook apps where you can enjoy and get great reads in audio form. 


The Audible audiobook service has been around for quite some time and has experienced major improvements and add-on features since it was acquired by Amazon in 2008. 

Audible allows users to navigate each audiobook by chapter and set a sleep timer on the app. Each successful audiobook finish rewards a listener badges on how they did with their routine of audiobook listening.  

Its simple but responsive and intuitive design lets you organize and select your to-read books in no time. Choose among the hundred thousands of bestsellers, curated collections, trending choices, and more when you subscribe.

Compatible with various devices.

Includes free trial

Paid subscription

Download: iOS | Android

*SPECIAL OFFER*: Audible offers a three-month free subscription to new Audible users until February 21. New users will receive a 3-month Audible Premium Plus free trial that includes one credit per month as part of the Audible Premium Plus Membership Plan along with unlimited streaming of the Audible Plus Catalog.

Audible is available in Windows, macOS, iOS, Android devices, and other listening apps


Boasting a digital library of 200,000+ premium books and 10,000+ free selections, Audiobooks.com is one of the popular audiobook services in the world.

Its vibrant app holds a carefully curated selection of top releases, frequently listened to audiobooks, audiobooks narrated by celebrities, and a corner of great selections that got a buzz from TikTok.

The Audiobooks.com mobile app does not disappoint as it is responsive, minimalist yet packed with useful features such as bookmarking and leaving a note on parts of the audio. Listen uninterrupted by seamlessly pairing your device with a Bluetooth device or speaker. 

Paying subscribers can enjoy a bonus monthly audiobook with the VIP Rewards program, exclusive member deals, and promotions, member perks, free family sharing among many others.

You can use Audiobooks.com for free but only with limited select titles to choose from. Signing up allows you a 30-day free trial and you can cancel anytime before the free trial expires. 

Compatible with various devices.

Paid subscription with a 30-day free trial

Has free audiobooks

Download: iOS | Android

Google Play Books & Audiobooks

Google Play Books & Audiobooks is a Google-affiliated and operated eBook and audiobook service that is accessible to Android device users (smartphone or tablet) as part of the Google Play lineup of mobile services. However, the service is also downloadable through the App Store for iOS users.

The app offers a clean UI and easy-to-navigate sections. Users can opt to switch to and from audiobook and ebook versions of the book (which require users to pay for both versions to access the complete copy of the book) or employ a smart resume feature where the audio can be rewound or fast-forwarded to and from a natural starting point. 

Download: iOS | Android


Scribd is a multi-service platform that allows a user access to thousands of books, documents, sheet music, magazines, audiobooks, and podcasts. Scribd has a 30-day free trial and an affordable Php129 a month subscription that you can cancel anytime.

Scribd has its Audiozines and Scribd Originals that are handpicked by Scribd editors and are produced by Scribd itself.

Download: iOS | Android


Blinkist is an audiobook service that provides summarized insights into the best-selling non-fiction books in the market through audio form in just under an hour (I have not seen an audiobook here that is more than 20 minutes long). Browsing through the app is highly addictive as it curated the best selections based on your interests and preferences set. 

It has a 7-day free trial option and a subscription of $7.49 a month (around Php400) with a cancel-anytime term. 

Download: iOS | Android

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